On love.

I am unapologetic about my desire to seek and find love in all places. Within. Without. In myself. In others. In the day. In the night. Love is my religion. 


To pretend.

It is rather sinister to ponder on the notion that, due to the pervasiveness of our cumulative programming, humanity’s default mode essentially consists of lying about ourselves and whatever is really going on in our lives, to ourselves and others, in a subconscious or conscious effort to “protect” ourselves from ourselves and others… I think that’s quite insane. No wonder there is an unprecedented epidemic of mental illnesses plaguing modern society. This game of life boils down to ceaseless pretending in a disturbing competition of pain ridden and hollow shells that are trying their best to master the art of pretending better than the next person. There’s no need to “try” to be happy when you can just be it - be it. And when you’re sad, grieving, on the brink of exhaustion, honor that as well - be it. Feel your feelings and allow them to wash over you. These old softwares are lethal poison. They don’t work. They dim light. To numb yourself is a trap and I want out bro! We are emotional beings. We are spiritual beings having a human experience - not the other way around.

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I was going through old notes last night and came across the following one:

“Today, September 21st - year 2021, Josephine Baker gave me the ultimate push, confirmation and permission to take full agency over my sexuality and divine femininity. Thank you for getting me a few steps closer to unimpeded personal freedom. Thank you for your immeasurable contribution to showmanship and Black culture. Thank you for embodying integrity and excellence in every pleat and seam you ever gave form to. A SHINING STAR.

I had just finished devouring an hour long documentary highlighting her sensational career and consummate humanistic values when I penned this down. Learning about her journey and the sheer amount of adversity she had to face as a young black talent moving in a retrograde society had left me utterly speechless. I knew of her as a gifted performer but was light years away from grasping just how massive of a powerhouse and fearless activist she had proven to be throughout her passage on earth. She stole a piece of my heart that night and became one my dearest shero - I had fallen deeply and unreservedly in love with her Spirit. I wanted everyone to know about her light. I wanted to paint a portrait of her as a tribute to the phenomenality of her beingness and philosophy but parts of me felt it wouldn’t do her justice. I’ve changed my mind - I’m going to! Josephine Baker was a pioneer in the first degree. She was a freedom fighter. She was a believer in servicing humanity and raising our collective consciousness by way of radical love and kindness, full acceptance and full integration of one another. She was revolutionary in thoughts and deeds. She practiced what she preached, to the full extent. If you find yourself wondering about the specifics of her accomplishments, do yourself a favor and find out for yourself. Truly, she was and remains a gift to this world. It is quite an honor to know of and continue to be inspired by her enduring legacy. Beautiful in every way, Josephine Baker provided the blueprint for unbreakable confidence and poise. This morning I was looking up old photographs of her and came across the tenderest capture of this woman I’ve seen to date. I immediately bookmarked it and meditated on it for it is the vision I hold for my next painting. It also came to my attention that Janelle Monae has been casted to play her in a forthcoming drama TV series. It was publicly announced earlier this month, but I had missed the memo. How very interesting… It is a both a great pick and a great time for the younger generation to be introduced to Ms Josephine Baker. Eager to see one interpreting the other - both of these ladies are incredible entertainer so I feel it this project is bound to be iconic. Can’t wait!

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*Not the reference image I bookmarked but this photograph is pretty damn great. Who knows - I may just paint this as well!

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