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Acid vs Mushrooms:

LSD is for the mind - shows the extension of your mind.
Shrooms are for the soul - show the extension the soul.

Acid offers you the trip you want while mushrooms supply you with the trip you need. 

*Oh. That’s a good one! 

I often speak of Wants vs Needs. Not only do I agree with it, I also deeply resonate with that statement. It’s probably why it’s been impossible for me to pick a favorite.

Acid is silk sheets, Mushrooms are a heavy blanket. Both are comfortable and adapted to different seasons.

*Ok. Who wrote this? I like you!

Acid feels like you are dancing with the stars. Mushrooms help you to realize you are the stars.

*True dat.

Dropping acid is like riding a bull with no hand. Mushrooms are the same, but blindfolded.

*I mean…

I’m sure I’ll have plenty of opportunities to revisit my experiences with psychedelics. For now though, I’m most curious to know how you feel about these statements. Do they ring true to you? Reach out in private to share your views - I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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