As above, so below.

I look around and I see abuse everywhere. 

Forms of abuse, control and exploitation pervade human structures and societal containers in all corners of the globe, coloring the way that we perceive and therefor interface with other human beings and other life forms in general. 

Coming from where I come from - shoutout to my beloved country, the Ivory Coast - and having been raised by a diplomat father who made a point to educate his children on colonialism, neo-colonialism, indigenous history and black liberation movements, I developed from a very young age an interest in social justice and geopolitics, for I had an understanding - although unclear at the time - of imperial powers and the subtle dynamics at play in terms of racial classification and world relations. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had an obsession with better understanding the cogs of human nature as well as the forces that shape the world around me. Sadly, the world around has revealed itself to be a product of a darwinist vision, one which posits that getting by is about the survival of the fittest - the weak don’t get a say in how things are run, compliance is expected from those who aren’t perceived to hold power.  Hunt or you’ll be hunted is of course not a brand new concept for me but I have to say that, all of a sudden, the notion that we exist in a world of predators and preys has been strongly reinforced lately. 

I am equally amazed by and weary of the ways of this world. 

You can’t have the rose without its thorns, they say… 


With unfathomable beauty, grace, virtue and opportunities for expansion come unimaginable chaos, terror, greed and annihilation - such is life:

Well, listen… Eventually, the chickens will come home to roost. Don’t they?

It may take an awful lot of time, years or even centuries, but what goes up will come down.

Modern civilization programs and incentivizes the human species to praise and emulate sociopathic behaviors. Doing so often leads to perceived rewards, only seen as such from the 3D binary perspective for -  in reality - the value system on which it runs is cursed with chronic dissatisfaction, uncooperation, unbalance and sustained depletion. Given that we are all connected to some capacities, in very tangible ways, destabilizing other nations or attacking the interests of another person is undeniably counter productive. To think otherwise is to give in to delusion and running up  and out of the vain promises of immediate gratification without care for future developments. In due time, the grief and distress caused to another will reverberate in the perpetrator’s reality and a price will be paid for the creation of these interferences. If not by the perpetrator him/herself, it will be his/her children, or his/her children’s children who will be faced with the consequence of misdeeds. 

I second what was so brilliantly highlighted in this interview with Gerald Horne, a Houston based professor, historian and author who remarks that the United States is undergoing an existential crisis as it is losing its geopolitical advantage to emerging economic and military actors on top of having to appease domestic progressive movements pressing for accountability, justice and equity amongst all. I’ve posted this link before but I’ll go ahead and repost it for the people in the back - truly insightful:

The powers that be are determined to continue bending the rules to fit their pathological self-serving narrative, fueling proxy wars, suppressing information, distorting facts and indoctrinating the masses with fear based rhetorics that have for only purpose to enable the strategic exploitation of marginalized groups as well as unlimited access to vital developing world’s resources. 

It’s a game of monopoly on a planetary scale. Can things change? Are we on the verge of witnessing a dramatic shift in global relations?

Should we be concerned about escalating tensions between the United States, Russia and China as they compete for economic power?

The situation in Haiti is neither a struggle to decipher, nor is it a surprise to me. Haiti has paid the heaviest of tribute for being the poster child of rebellion and emancipation in quality of first free black nation of the world. The heavy handed blackmailing formula, administered and recycled time after time by Occidental powers and their propagandist westernized media machine, reposes on the same approach used to keep third world countries in line. The post colonial era was just a more sophisticated version of the colonial era that preceded it. Structurally, not much changed on the ground. The beast simply resorted to changing its face - or mask - but to this day, it is still a puppet show.

What I find disheartening is just how long Haiti has protested its treatment, demanding for the international community to rally its cry for unabridged freedom and for its abuser to consider reparations for the financial chokehold it has been surviving since its inception. The country of Haiti has been scapegoated and subjected to mind boggling oppression since it decided to challenge the status quo and try standing on its own two feet. It’s so fucked…

I see parallels everywhere, in everything, but don’d mind if I do. Once you go down the rabbit hole of human nature, behavioral psychology, interpersonal dynamics and laws of power, it is impossible not to. 

The more I think about my experience and the more I see that it is only a taste of what most people, families, demographics, organizations, nations, global entities and so on are rising up against. At every level we witness the ghastly effects of abusive power over other sources of life, may it be a single individual, a group of people or an entire ecosystem. Everywhere, people are fighting for their right to question, investigate, expose, condemn and potentially put an end to the various acts of destruction and / or violation perpetrated by their abusers. No, it isn’t business as usual… Unity in love, mutual recognition, respect and duty to care are the only way forward. 

As we grow more and more polarized, it seems improbable for those who still abide by the rules and expectation of our outdated world paradigm to harmonize with those who have positively divorced themselves from the illusion of separation. And yet, for balance to be restored, common grounds have to be found. Now more than ever, when I encounter people, I either get this immediate sense that they speak my language or exist in a different reality than I do. It seems to be lightworkers vs shadowworkers, with a decreasing gap made up of people who are just oblivious to it all, tethered in between worlds and mostly unconcerned about what might be going on next door. 

As much as I don’t want to invest any energy theorizing about post apocalyptic scenarios of the not so distant future, it feels as though we are wading through a time in history that is characterized with a fierce potential for remarkable evolutionary changes that would greatly benefit the whole of mankind but, on the other side of that is the exact same equivalent for unmitigated catastrophe. The clock is ticking and we are nearing the fork in the road. Will  we go left or right? Will decrepit actors retire from the stage to allow for new leadership or are they going to have to be dragged away, one after the other? Can we manage to adjust our course and place our focus on cooperation and regeneration of global systems before it is too late to do so? Will human, as a collective body, adopt more of an active role in their collective destiny? 

The current socio economic climate in Central America is symptomatic of opportunistic, fraudulent, and hypocritically meddling approach by the United States to assert its regional power and have its hand on the domestic affairs or its neighbors. These imperialist aspirations won’t do well in the post pandemic / post mass awakening world. 

Across nations, bridges will be burnt and tyrants will be defaced. People are fed up.

Having said all of this I cannot help but point - once again - that individual with NPD utilize the exact same coercive tactics to abuse and neutralize their targets. 

Colonial powers are, by design, engendered and sustained by unilateralism, gaslighting, triangulation, arbitrary use of force, impunity and smear campaigns. To me, the relationship between France and its former colonies, or any other oppressor-oppressed dynamic (think of the United States of AmeriKKKa vs the Black and Indigenous people of America - north / central / south) is akin to that of a toxic trauma bonded relationship between a malignant narcissist and his / her primary sources of narcissistic supplies. 

Now that I see things from this lens, I can never unsee it.

No one is free until all of us are free - period point blank.

Repeat after me: 

This is the era of sovereignty. 

This is the era of transparency.

Wait and see…

Shit always comes to light.

Anyhow, this is just food for thoughts.

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