It’s been exactly two weeks since V. left Los Angeles for Vancouver and I must admit that his departure tore me up inside. I experienced the energetic shift in the house in a robust way. It felt like a palpable void for the first few days and I honestly surprised myself at how much more affected I turned out to be in comparison to what I had anticipated. I felt heaviness in my heart, sluggish, and my stomach was oddly sensitive. As we’re still navigating the effects of yesterday’s powerful full moon in Pisces, I’m obligated to remark that the current astral configuration is likely to have potentiated all that I’ve been feeling lately hence why it’s been a particularly intense separation. Perhaps there was a co-regulating dimension embedded within my rapport with V. which I was forced to pull away from. Whatever it was, I experienced it as deeply healing and comforting. It took me a couple of days to shake it off and get re-adjusted. I bathed in my feelings with the intent to truly understand appreciate the reasons bidding farewell to my friend and housemate whom I’ve only known for 6 months felt so bittersweet. I gave myself the space and grace to mourn what had expired while celebrating what would come about next. Although I haven’t posted it here, I journaled a bit about it. I meditated. I daydreamed. I read. I wrote down my goals and reaffirmed my commitment to them. I caught up on sleep and certainly compensated with food. All in all though, allowing these feelings to flow through me, indiscriminately, without disruption or judgement, was the proper response to what I felt was happening within. After I duly honored it and got it out of my system, I was back to myself again, filled only with gratitude for harmonious connections forged in reciprocal efforts and eager to adapt to a new groove. Early this past week I connected with someone I sense will make for a great housemate to B. and myself. The process was a bit tedious and I sure hope I won’t have to go through it again anytime soon but overall it was a blessed one. I got the opportunity to meet a handful of interesting people. Lots of UCLA grad, post grad, doctorate and post doctorate candidates involved in research. One was intimate with space physics and another played with genetic algorithm. I asked question and collected some answers; most of which sounded wildly fascinating and rather complex. The world of academia is so vast. Each discipline seems to cultivate its own language and codes. The space garnered a lot of interest therefore I was lucky to end up with a decent number of solid offers. After worrying for a week and struggling to cover rent + bills, it worked itself out beautifully. Having multiple good options to choose from is the ideal scenario when seeking a shared tenant and I believe I’ve chosen the best one - time will tell. In any case, adequately addressing the sudden vacancy and filling the space within a specific timeframe was a bit of a burden for me and I’m glad it’s now resolved. For a short while I felt like I was no longer standing on solid ground due to the fragility of my current financial dispositions but I did what needed to to be done, sat and waited confidently. The Universe always provides. I’m fortunate to still have B as my other housemate who has been looking out for me and both my dogs. A couple of days ago he did something incredibly nice for Rio and Maya. I won’t give further details but it brought tears to my eyes. To show my appreciation, I decided to paint him a thank-you-card instead of purchasing one. He was really touched by it. There is something about hand making things that wins heart and infusing thoughtfulness into an offering to someone certainly warms my heart. For me it’s not about the price tag. Show me how you care. Show me how you listen. Show me how you notice. On another note, although I’ve been well fed, I’ve been having regular conversations with myself about my eating habits and what I feel needs to change. Mmyeah… So basically, it was brought to my attention by my highest self that I now have a sugar addiction. It’s a tricky one to break away from once the body is primed to receive and process it, AKA corrupted. From infanthood to my late twenties, sugar and I weren’t really rocking with each other. I was one of those strange kids who had no desire to explore the realm of sweet treats. I didn’t care for ice cream, candy bars, cookies, pastries, sodas and so on. I’d usually go with savory for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert - whenever possible. In my opinion, it’s a lot harder to quit sugar once the dependency is established than it is to generally avoid it in life. I mean, I’m not mad at all of the yummy treats I’v but I happily consumed but I now deal with major sugar cravings. When it hits I just have to have my fix - right? “If I can’t go, I can just hire someone to deliver it to me within half an hour” type of crisis. That’s the double edge sword of conveniency for you. So here I was, on a quest to find sugar instead of my good sense. I zombie walked to the kitchen and spotted four boxes of Girl Scout cookies left behind by one of my old housemates early this summer. Don’t judge me but I’ve never actually tried any of those. I went straight for the thin mints but there were also tagalogs. I told myself, as I ripped the box open “You know damn well these are going to be too minty.” I usually find it to be the case with mint stuff. It has to be the perfect ratio for the mint not to overpower the entire confection - you know. and “They rarely get it right.” I calmly agreed with the voice in my head like “Yeah, you’re probably right, there’s a chance these turn out to be entirely unappetizing” while still proceeding with carefully opening the inner package to prevent from spilling the goods. I finally got my hands on them, put one in my mouth and patiently waited for the verdict. Was I going to spit it out? “No… Wait! These are quiet good.” I thought to myself “Hah! Waiiit. These are delicious” is what I began to think as I swallowed another two cookies. Of course they got it right. I could have done with a tad less mint but, to be fair, despite being on the heavy handed side of the correct ratio (for me) these people (manufacturers) know something about their cookies. “They’re Damn good!” Is what I remarked while chewing on the fourth cookies, “no wonder these are so popular.” NIt was followed by a good laugh at myself for wrongly assuming that the mint cookies weren’t going to taste remotely good because the flavors wouldn’t be balanced properly. All of a sudden, that idea sounded ridiculous. Chocolate and mint agreed with each other. I tried to trace it back to where the belief that mint treats should generally be avoided originally came from but wasn’t successful. Moving forward I get to assume that, on the contrary, mint treats are phenomenal. Needless to say that I’ve devoured half of the thin mints since then. I’ve also eaten about a third of the tagalogs on top of all the cute little cakes B. brings home from work. I’ve always been an emotional eater, often binging on food until I could no longer store anything in my belly. I used to eat strictly for pleasure as opposed to focusing on that which has the highest nutritional value and can best support my systems. I now try to stay on the healthy side, prioritizing lean meats, grains and all sorts of vegetables. I eat normal portions and can stop myself upon reaching full capacity. It’s something I struggled to do in the past. I’d eat until I felt undeniably uncomfortable and all that food jammed in my piped would leave me to feel bloated, gassy and tired. I’ve set out to build a healthier relationship with food and my awareness has expanded in many areas. That said, sugar is one of the newest devils I have to outwit and it won’t be easy. 

I’ve been waking up around 5 am all week long, which has been fantastic. That’s how I like it best nowadays so I’m aiming to stick with the early bird regimen; a lot gets done before noon and then the day is pretty much won + more time to worship and commune with the Sun. On Thursday I went for a 2 hours early afternoon walk in a sweltering heat. I had to stop by the bank to make a deposit and also needed to buy exfoliating brushes to rid my back of all the dead skin I’ve been feeling lately when showering with hand towels. I kid you not, I’ve quite literally been shedding skin all summer - heavily. Perhaps it is the by product of not having someone to regularly scrub my back (I suppose marriage has its perks) combined with the non-showering that has characterized  the early days of my divorce process back when I had to talk myself into showering, eating, answering the phone and essentially trying to function like a normal person. Anyhow, I needed some things for myself and for common use in the house so I mapped it out; deal. It would take about an hour to get there. I was up for it. It was overcast and somewhat windy that morning, which seemed ideal for a long walk. I decided to head there by foot,  grab what I was looking for and call a ride to shuttle me home with my shopping bags. Naturally, the way my ADHD would have it, I ended up getting sidetracked with cleaning, organizing, watching the news, replying to emails, budgeting, making lists and hanging out with the pups. I eventually got hungry, slid a deli sandwich into the hot oven, stuffed my fanny pack with some probiotic yogurt, added a mini blueberries muffin (yep, it all fitted just fine), grabbed my keys and bounced. I had initially planned to head out around 8 am so I could get to my closest branch when the bank opened at 9. I didn’t actually live until around 1 pm though. By the time I stepped outside the heat was beginning to rise but I decided to walk anyway. I’m glad I did! I spotted really interesting trees, birds and people on my way to the store. I had never walked this far in that direction. Per usual, I went in for 2 or 3 items and ended up buying a dozen things that were “missing” from the list. On my way out I waited about 15 minutes for Lyft but my rides kept on getting cancelled. Having deleted Uber from my phone, I thought to myself again “Well. Fuck it, I’ll trek back.” I figured out the least uncomfortable way to carry my shopping bag full of stuff “I needed” and walked on. I came across a pepper tree I had missed on the way to the store which provided a great opportunity to forage pink peppercorn. About 45 minutes later I was home, proud of my legs for having carried me all the way to my destination. I needed it - the walk. It brought me back to last Winter 2021 and Spring 2022, when I was separated from Maya & Ri, with no idea what my life was going to look like after freeing myself from the narc who sought only to dominate me. I don’t think I’ve ever walked that much in my life; it was liberating in more ways than I could explain. I walked for hours and hours every single day to work through things in my head and confront my trauma. It was deeply cathartic and, despite it being intense, it is something I sometimes miss. Sadly, I can’t really walk all day anymore; I’ve got shit to do. Moreover, I usually feel tired at the end of the day and lack the motivation to go outside. On Thursday, I felt a sense of achievement when I got home and told myself that I’d try and repeat it the following day. I slept like a baby that night but no, there was no do over the next ay. My legs were casted in jello. It also rained. I stayed in to recharge. I haven’t felt the need to journal as much lately and that’s probably because I’ve been occupied with watching and digesting all sorts of thought provoking, eye opening, inspiring and/or educative material. I’ve also been meditating and debating on whether or not to pull the trigger on something that means a great deal to me. Despite knowing which stance to adopt, for a number of reasons I’ve been holding back. I’ve intellectualized why I’m refraining from taking action and my apprehensions are perfectly rationals but, regardless of the discomfort it may bring, I think it’s time to take action - if you know what I mean… Do you? 

On another note, I’ve reinstalled Bumble on my phone a couple of days ago. After telling a friend that she should put herself out there if open and willing to get to know new people I realized that I could take my own advice cuz’ let’s be honest, I don’t leave my house much. Home is where I’m most comfortable but magic happens whenever I step outside of my comfort zone and tune myself to be receptive of it. Dating after divorce is a bit weird but I’m approaching things differently this time around. I’m proceeding with enough caution to balance out this my open heart, singling out one or two person(s) to greet out of a dozen matches, strictly giving my attention to the select few I feel  I have shared values, interests and lifestyles with. I don’t care what you look like or what you drive. We’ve got to click intellectually and align spiritually for anything to develop physically. After spending the summer reveling in my own beauty, embracing my insecurities, trying to recover from chronic fatigue and tending to my own needs, I think it’s once again time to welcome whatever or whomever life may bring - I’ve made space for it. I trust in men of integrity and still have deep faith in love. I’m beyond grateful for this past year and the time I’ve gotten to spend in my own company for I’ve learned how to handle myself and my emotions. I now know just how good it feels to be laced with care, compassion and utmost dedication and I’m only seeking partners who can show up for me and love me as well as I love myself, which is what I’d be striving to provide in return.  The keyword here is “partners” which is pluralized on purpose. For whatever reasons, ethical non monogamy is a thematic of interest that has been consistently popping up in my reality. For it to manifest smoothly, wholly and beautifully, conscious awareness, genuine vulnerability, radical honesty, open communication and cooperation are required. Those are all of the things I’m drawn to work on at this stage of my life. I’m also unwilling to commit to someone right off the bat, even if there is phenomenal chemistry. Time is needed for patterns to be reveal themselves. I need to be able to see those patterns to determine that the connection is viable without feeling the pressure of making it work because “we chose each other and  prematurely entered into an exclusive contract with one another, hoping that all goes well. I’m not necessarily thinking of this as a permanent shift in the kind of relationship dynamics I’m seeking. What I’m trying to say is that, at this stage of my life, of my emotional journey and spiritual evolution, I feel ENM is what is what is best suited for the woman I’m becoming and what it is she is currently needing / desiring. It is what makes sense for me right now as I’d like to retain a certain level of freedom without having to sacrifice depth and intimacy for experimentation and discovery. Different individuals bring out different aspects of me and I am currently in a space of wanting to experience as many fruitful, loving, tender and playful facets of my personality as possible. I want to continue learning and growing from my relationships and I feel that, if indeed practiced ethically with conscious partners, I may be given opportunities to grow in ways I never have before. If partners are meant to be sacred mirror; I want to see my reflection in the eyes of many and plant seeds of longevity only where the soil is fertile. I’m not inclined to lock myself away too quickly this time. I want to express my femininity and be nourished by my lover(s) in the ways that I aspire to be loved. Truthfully, there seems to be a greater capacity for self inquiry and a higher level of self awareness + truth amongst friends and strangers who have openly shared their personal experiences with exploring less conventional relationship practices. In my experience, all those I’ve interacted with on that topic strike me as remarkably patient, transparent, mentally sound, emotionally available and well balanced. I think I can definitely get down with that. In fact I believe I’ll be better for it. The idea and longing to explore romance from an entirely new perspective has been in the back of my mind for a while. It seems the universe keeps on aligning me with folks who have already crossed into non monogamy and haven’t looked back. I think there’s something there for me to reckon with and perhaps integrate. We shall see… What I feel really good about is just how clear I am on what my needs are and what I am attracted to. It’s refreshing and empowering. Despite the errors of judgement I’ve made in the past, I know that I can trust myself to choose better and commit my time to the things, places and people that are worthy of it.

I’ve been waking up around 5 am all week long which has been fantastic. On Saturday I was up again bright and early, but for different reasons. It was a full moon so naturally I got a bloody gift from Mother’s Nature. It’s wild how I’ve had my period practically every full moon this year… The red moon cycle is what they call it; I don’t mind. Add pms symptoms to the mix for some extra feels. All good feels though. Even when the heart gets squeezed a little bit, it’s just so full of love. I am love. No cap. It is so clear to me now that human beings are the embodiment of love, if only they let it. Heck, this whole existential journey has for only purpose to expand our capacity for love and that’s just what I’m here to do. As of late, all these feels have been rooted in love and I’m happy to observe them as they come up. I hope this harvest moon has allowed you to connect even more with your intuition and encouraged you to release that which no longer serves you. As far as I’m concerned, my emotions peeked right before the full moon, after which I felt particularly calm and at peace. I throughly enjoyed the rain we had over the weekend; that too had a calming effect on me. It drizzled most of Friday and Saturday. To get me through my period funk, I had pizza but Ri ate about a third of it when I went to use the bathroom. I had left it unattended on my bed. A silly mistake on my part so more power to him. I didn’t even scold him cuz’ what am I going to tell this rascal; that he shouldn’t have bitten into that luscious BBQ chicken pie? I’d be a fool… He may just look at me and laugh in a human voice. Anyhow, pizza was followed by a pint of vanilla and chocolate ice cream loaded with chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough and fudge brownie. Yes, it was ridiculously decadent and I’m still paying for it. I’ve been bloated since. What I should’ve been consuming to alleviate period pain are veggies, lean fish or meat and lots of water. But hey, I’m not perfect! On Sunday, the Sun was back again, but the air was crisper and fresher. It was a lovely weekend. I skipped dinner tonight though. I’m still bloated. I was cramping all day today so you know I was blazed. The medicinal helps with painful periods and, considering the fact that I do all I can to stay away from pain killers, having that as an alternative is significant. I’ve been smoking a lot but it’s getting to the point where it’s becoming mechanical and I’m not enjoying it as much so the next time I run out, which is probably going to happen by Tuesday, I won’t be buying greens for a while. 

Lastly, after washing my hair the other day I discovered a long strand of grey hair I had never noticed before. My first thought upon catching it was: “Hot damn. Many don’t live long enough to witness their hair turn grey. I pray to see more of these.” I really do. Fun fact; I had seriously considered dying my hair silver or dark blue. In the ended I ended up settling for a burnt orange shade but gray hair is so gorgeous to me. I have yet to die my hair and my overtone kit is still chilling in my bathroom intact, but if I do, silver still stands as a neat option for me to try. Alright, here is another dump of some of the stuff I’ve seen in September. I hope it will energize, fascinate, inspire or sober you up - enjoy: 


We live in an astonishingly volatile world…

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No thing can hide in the shadows forever; sooner or later all wrongdoings will be greeted with light.

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Here’s to not learning a damn thing from the past:

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There’s a special place in my heart for unique, intelligent, adaptive, sustainable design concepts like this one! This is the kind of innovative residential structures we need more of in tropical regions like my home country. I really dig it…

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I came across this video at the perfect time. I could immediately relate to his experience with divination practices and marijuana usage; I’m right there with him. I was actually going to journal about this… Tarot has been a remarkably powerful tool in my spiritual and healing journey; I owe it a lot. It has helped me to better access my own intuition and see things from a perspective that was generally positive, empowering, and most certainly always insightful. When I first got acquainted with tarot I opted to rely primarily on my intuition with the intent to develop my own relationship with my deck and the practice itself. Hence began a wonderful exploratory journey which supported me through a lot and consolidated my faith in the divine order of things back when I felt I had no one to turn to whom I could openly speak about what I was traversing and how best to navigate the emotional load attached to it. I’ve always only pulled cards for myself. As my marriage fell apart and my life was flipped upside down, I turned to YT tarot readers for guidance. The readings were often freakishly accurate, so much so that I quickly got sucked into the only tarot community. It didn’t take long for me to realize, however, that a lot of these very compelling narratives were periodically recycled for the audience. Having this realizations pulled me away from the decks altogether. Since last Spring, I’ve practically stopped watching online tarot readings. Except for a select few truly remarkable readers whose content I check every once in a while, perhaps 2 to 3 of them, I don’t take the bait on the catchy tag lines. The readers who’ve made the cut have a focus on collective consciousness, planetary energy shifts and global events - which seems to always be on point. When it comes to personal matter, I no longer feel that I need tarot to find answers to my question. Meditation delivers on that. When clarity sets it, the answers come effortlessly. Back in April, I was slowly inching forward, stepping in the fog. I couldn’t see what was ahead of me was invisible. 

I love his remark on the dynamic of life and how we may be called to cycle out of something which no longer serves us in this moment but may very well become useful again in the future. I try to navigate anything intuitively with an open mind. What I embrace today might need to be flushed out tomorrow and what I parted ways with tomorrow may reveal itself to be suitable for me again in another stage of my growth. Nothing is set is stone. Fluidity is key to adaptation and improvement. To reiterate what he said in the conclusive portion of the video: “I’ve learned to be flexible and let my intuition guide me to the different forms of assistance that life has to offer and I’ll know it when the time is right.”  There is a season and timing for everything in life; what I need will find me in due time. The same is true for you. The challenge is in learning to recognize it when it shows up and being open to receiving it. I say this often and I believe in it; it doesn’t matter what it is, my timing is impeccable - always. Resisting change compound into unnecessary suffering and delays growth. There exists an infinite number of tools, each with a specific application and purpose. Some will work better for you than others. Some will be good until they’re not. Outgrowing tools that might have been relied on in the past and highly favored doesn’t take anything away from their value; it simply means that they are needed no longer therefore it is perfectly okay to put them away with genuine gratitude and a deeper understanding about what is needed next to carry on with the journey. Remember that only that which is needed should be carried further. I still have a lot of respect and affection for my decks. In fact I will probably be called to add more beautiful decks to my collection in the future. Likewise, I’ll probably continue to pull cards once very blue moon to dust off the telephone and seek perspective or confirmation from angels, ascended masters, beloved ancestors and spiritual guides from other realms. I will always see value in it. As with all things though, moderation and context are necessary to extracting the benefits from any practice. Smoking weed is no different. I’m set to go on a fast because I feel the need to curtail my current consumption of the substance. That said, what is for now isn’t forever. I am not planning to definitely quit, nor do I wish to. The plant will come and go as I push through different stages of my healing but it doesn’t negate its appeal. I will continue to appreciate its soothing effects and will be indulging in it every on occasions. I just won’t be relying on it as much. It’s not meant to be a daily thing for me, at least not at this particular juncture. That’s what I have to come to terms with and follow through on and I’m perfectly okay with doing that.



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I grew up with an understanding of the geopolitics in Western Europe, Sub Saharan African, the Maghreb, Near East and the Middle East but my awareness of the dynamics governing Central and South America was quite blurry. I was mostly conditioned to think of those parts of the worlds as whatever was being portrayed of these parts of the world in the mainstream media and entertainment industry. I had a vague notion of what a Banana Republic represents. In my head, it involved corruption, abuse of power and poor labor conditions but wouldn’t have been able to elaborate on it. The report below does a brilliant job at tracing things back to our usual suspect; imperialism and greed. The US approach to foreign policy have been and persists in being nothing short of sordid and sociopathic… I mean it’s fucking insane how much this continues to impact Central America, its people and its economic capabilities and how much the US continues to act as if it has no fucking clue why people are fleeing their destabilized homeland in mass and what any of this has to do with American’s interferences with the democratic framework of nations perceived as subordinate. Yo, Imperialism (think America, Great Britain and France - the great alliance) is the greatest motherfucking malignant narcissistic entity there is… I won’t stop saying it because IT’S FUCKING TRUE!

“But identity is a funny thing. It tends to grow with pressure.” No cap.

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Calida Rawles. Lehmann Maupin Gallery [17:35 - 18:58]



Pray for rain.

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Pray for Gaza and those putting their lives on the line aiming to give voice to the voiceless by exposing the truth of Israel’s brutal police state / state sanctioned ethnic cleansing. Our world is sick. So sick,

As always, heavy on the blame shifting when it comes to Russia. The atrocious policies enacted by Western States and their chronic inability to assume any kind of responsibility for the predictable chaos which ensues from it never ceased to baffle me. Nothing is as it seems. Grateful for independent journalism and the effort to present the public with accurate information.

#DemocracyNow #IfNotNowWhen #FreePalestine #RussiaTheForeverScapegoat #FalseNarrative


Yet, there is hope. Not all heroes wear capes:

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Can you hold dichotomy? :)

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My man Russell, whom I’ve grown to truly admire and respect, nails it here as usual. I was joyfully surprised at how sensible and eloquent this tribute was. I wasn’t particularly saddened by the queen’s death but I can certainly appreciate this man’s tact and compassionate words which he freely gives out without ever sacrificing his personal beliefs to political correctness.  He’d be an ideal dinner guest - no doubt. Rowdy but markedly brilliant and enchanting. Get into Russell’s head if you dare; his perspective adds value to any conversation. He’s one to always challenge the status quo and inspire his audience to consider a subject from multiple perspectives and he does it in a way that few can. Regardless of your feelings about the late Queen Elizabeth II, this is worth a listen. I’d go as far as saying that anything the man brings to his audience’s attention is worth a listen as it typically provides in depth research (all sources being identified) and excellent social commentaries.



If I were to articulate my feelings about the British monarchy, its impact on the developing world and its generational legacy, I’d probably sound more like this though:





She stays ahead of her time.

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#LesSaboteurs #GoneRogue #CovertTerrorism

Oh my goodness. This man lays it all out…

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A sermon.

A prayer.

A jolt.




Much like the rest of Central and South America’s political history, my awareness of the social climate in these regions were simplistic. It had been made clear to me that Pinochet’s regime was quite brutal. Back then, voicing support for socialist or populist movements of any kind was the same as walking on thin nice. My father, who was part of the intelligence community in the southern hemisphere held Salvador Allende in high regards and one thing my father was known for was assuredly and unequivocally voicing his opinion. I had a sense of why he was fond of Allende but I was this week’s years old when I learned what had gone down in Chile and the forces fueling, championing and sponsoring the chaos from afar. It’s horrific:

Spotted in the comment section:

“This is 49 years ago and stuff like this is ongoing to this day.
It is absolutely mindblowing why no politician takes Kissingers quote “To be an enemy of America can be dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal” at heart.
I consider this evidence that every single politician we get to vote for in the West is pre-screened and approved before they get even near a position of power.”

#NeoLiberalism #ForeignInvasion #ImposedDictatorship #PuppetGovernment #EconomicStrangulation #EconomicTerrorism #ParasiticPipeline #UnfairAdvantage 


This live performance was recorded 11 years ago - imagine that!  I had only been living in Southern California for a year. Time flies. I adore this record

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Once again, it feels like looking in the mirror.

She is me. I am her…

Lots of muted feelings about this piece.

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Florence’s last performance at the Hollywood Bowl prior to the pandemic lives rent free in my head. She was on tour to promote the release of the album below “High As Faith”. I was on X that evening and cried. I couldn’t tell you the number of times I’ve listened to this record and wept the saddest and happiest tears. I used to say to my ex spouse that Florence was truly born to heal and would often refer to her as a fairy. She is though…

Cry if you need to.



I’m just going to leave this right here…

Beware of the western corporate media machine.

#IndependentMedia #HonestReporting #TruthSeeking #UyghurAgenda #PropagandaMachine 

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