Quantum leaps:

4 doorways to altered states of consciousness:

- plant medicine

- breath work

- meditation (passive & active aka silva method, etc)

- neuro training

body / thoughts / emotions / energy

Everything else is imagination, including the world. Especially the world.

Everything is an assumption so the good news is that everything can be changed. The outer reality we are observing is not set in stone; it is fluid and rearranges itself with every single decision. Our lives are nothing but a tangible display of our assumptions. Isn’t that liberating? Choose to reframe what you assume, believe it, take actions towards it and your outer reality will respond accordingly.

All I want to do at this juncture of my life is seek and find the things that give me joy with the aim to make them a way of life. I refuse to subscribe to the belief that life is all about working hard to get what I want for I believe that as I flow with the rhythm of life and elevate my vibrations, I effortlessly attract those things I desire most - with ease AND pleasure. No matter what I want, the Universe will always supply me with the experiences I need for my evolution. Knowing that allows me to accept any outcome as my highest good and integrate the fact that the more aligned I am with my highest self and true soul’s desire, the more magnetize I become for the things I both want AND need. From that perspective, nothing is ever wrong or out of place. 




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